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ReThink Normal 
Normalize coherence, interrelatedness with nature, love, and change.
Open up and out to conspire with
youth, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ leaders
Create opportunities to expand creative companionship and civic agency
Go outside the school to be outside the box 
A global youth caucus on education recently found broad consensus.  The well-being of teachers, flexible learning time and space, and internal motivation were their top priorities.  The wellbeing of teachers.
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"During and after the storm, all I could do was draw.  I just drew and drew.  Design Lab gave me my voice back.  Now I know I have ideas that can help."                                                                              --Paola, Escuela FMC, Puerto Rico

Research shows that helping others and co-creating collective pathways contributes significantly to overall well-being. Top-down decision-making robs youth of their agency and the opportunity to heal by using their regenerative powers of Personhood (the coherent self), People (relationships), Place (belonging), Purpose (internal motivation), Process (a consistent method) and Positivity (positive civic action). Co-Design and community design taps into the powers nature gave us and our ancestors honed.

Click the Nature-powered fist below to sign up for Co-empowerment Activities, and to explore resources from our book, Learning in the Age of Climate Disasters, Routledge 2023.

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