We use design thinking to create resilience through community-driven hazard mitigation planning and preparation.


I now know I want to study hard so that I can get into law school and help people who have to move out of danger.

                                --Adrián, Esc. FMC 2019

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Simposio Co-Creando

So proud to work with 11 communities and an awesome team of Grad students and professors from Mayaguez, co-creating solutions to energy independence, sanitation in times of crisis, and family activity histories

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Youth Design Climate Resilience 

Using and measuring impact of design thinking to empower students to cross generational boundaries and collaborate with deep-rooted community and experts to reduce risk from hazards and innovate integrated solutions to mitigate climate change.


Design Thinking Capacity-Building Network

We are developing teacher-created professional network of design thinkers to empower youth in schools and community centers and to solve grand challenges collaboratively in PR and around the globe

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We are contributors to the Guide for creating Resilient Community Hubs (2019)​, and partners in connecting resilient schools with community resilience


Empower My Community

We are contributing to the HHS/FEMA/PRDE efforts to develop resilient schools.  Student design thinker pictured here gave keynote address to 200 people.  Students used design thinking to generate the name and marketing for the campaign.