Teacher-and-Student-Centered PD Facilitation

Active, paradigm-shifting PD like you have never experienced before.  Includes online mentoring and design thinking practicum with follow-up.

From first encounter with design thinking to building your everyday repertoire.

Transformation Consulting

University, State, District and School Consultation : Transformation with PBL, Design Thinking and Making, Convergence, Government Agencies, Stakeholder Engagement, Community Involvement, and School and Business System and Infrastructure Design for Resilience

In case of Climate Change...

Equity and efficacy-building curriculum and program design

Connecting your business, school or community to global innovators and local design partners, to create resilience and convergence, together by design

Design Thinking Guidance for... 

Curating efficacy-building experiences in everyday classes

Community resilience

Civic leaders and civil servants

Business leaders

Hazard Risk Reduction & Recovery

Convergent solutions


Complex problems require complex solutions.  Building resilience takes "all hands on deck."  We build bridges and break down silos.  Connecting and converging across disciplines and approaches leads to a unity of purpose that drives successful, sustainable solutions

Storytelling on Film

Work with DE4R and Docutribe's partnership to drive your change and document it.  Engage youth in telling the story of empowerment.


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