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One size does not fit all.
We Co-Design with you. 

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*Build healing and resilience into your school or university, by empowering teachers first

*Relationship-centered co-design thinking, in alliance with the natural world 

*Transformative and energizing PD--over the long haul

*Virtual and Face2Face

*Co-empowering and place-based

*Inclusive, positive and anti-racist


Tools for Change

We made DE4R Toolkits for Teachers, Community and School Leaders, Families, and we help you design what works for your learning ecosystem:

*Virtual Learning Activities for Recovery and Resilience 

*Everyday Co-Design Thinking for Teachers

*Reconnecting with Nature to build relational awareness and creative confidence

*Radial collaboration

*You Matter/We Matter--Storytelling & Deep Listening


Curriculum and Program Design


*Fosters Equity and Agency, using co-design thinking and  regenerative learning best practices

*Connecting across disciplines to address complex issues like climate change in empowering ways

*Challenge-based, place-based and anti-racist

*Connects to local and global design partners and innovators to cultivate activist resilience and convergence

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Ed Leadership Consulting


School, District, State and University adaptive planning and strategic change management using participatory co- design thinking and regenerative learning best practices

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Community Visioning & Development


*Using participatory co- design thinking principles to surface common concerns and co-create solutions.

*developing Learning Ecosystem for life-long Learning Communities

*compassionate leadership & global connectedness

*circular and caring economies

*collaborative problem solving for complex problems like climate change

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Life Design

*uses Nature's lessons, the science of happiness and co-design thinking to clear out the static and help youth tune in to their own capacities, values, and motivations

*supports healing, connectedness, and emotional and planetary well-being 

*develops creative confidence, efficacy, belonging, and purpose

*builds optimism and opportunity, youth passion, compassionate leaders, justice-minded entrepreneurs

*co-creates pathways forward, together

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