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Regenerative learning : Rooted in Life

What happens when our learning ecosystems align with life? How and what do our children learn when they learn from Nature? What generous worlds can they and we create?  How does ecosystemic coherence and interrelationship contribute to emotional well-being, deep learning, and generative power to bring about positive change?


Educators of all kinds, Learners of all kinds, how would you apply these principles to YOUR learning ecosystems?? 

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...and power-diffuse

What would your learning ecosystem look like if it were rooted in life?

Could learning be internally motivated, deep and lasting?
Could creative companionship and purpose energize transformative and systemic change?
Could engaging people with each other and the rest of nature to co-create just and abundant worlds BE "the curriculum?"
Would well-being and holistic thriving become characteristics of 'school?'
Would learning need to take place in a 'school building?'

We are surrounded by those who know:
Nature herself.
Indigenous and ancient wisdom about holistic learning, coherence, and interrelationship.
People and other beings who are living in the teeth of Climate Injustice.


Join regenerative learners and leaders in the ongoing movement to re-root education in the coherence of life


We've joined the

Regenerative Learning Network 

We can help.

We are audacious and relentless in our commitment to conspiring with youth and educators and asking Why, and What If...

...the deepest learning happened outside of a school building?

...planet and people worked together to unearth our generative powers to address community challenges that matter?

...what if every person felt supported and safe? ...and they applied that same mutuality and love to all beings?

Read more about Regenerative Learning and see examples of its potential to transform, restore, and revitalize whole learning communities in our new book. Click on the book to order! 

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