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We are infinitely interrelated.




Proud To announce: De4R is conspiring with the NEW    Regenerative Learning Network

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"The best thing about working with young people is that they haven't been trained to think inside the box. Anything is possible. That's what innovation for the future needs."

                                                 --Craig Covil, ARUP

"We get people to work together.  It's the only way to make us stronger."                   --LCDR Jesse Harms, US Coast Guard

Any challenge facing youth and communities today worth solving is multi-disciplinary and requires cohesion, integration, and shared knowledge across sectors, generations, and especially among academic and practical ways of knowing and doing.  Convergence is a term that can encompasses all that.

We can expand and accelerate our capacity to meet our challenges by making sure as many problem solvers and change leaders are working together as possible, and that the quiet voices get heard, too.  You may have noticed that I have no 'projects,' and no 'clients.'  DE4R has relationships, collaborations, and constellations.  We believe in mutuality and shared responsibility to co-create communities of care to stand against and replace systems of harm.


We are proud bridge builders and unafraid to break down the silos that are holding us back.  We believe now is the time to focus on solving the biggest challenges, and to lose the egos, the competitiveness, and the divisiveness that have marred our past and are attempting to colonize our future.  The stakes are high, and we want to be sure youth, educators, and lifelong learners are involved from the beginning in co-creating equitable, inclusive, multi-disciplinary, and regenerative, life-based solutions.

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  In addition to consistently collaborating with our shared Mother Earth,

some of our human collaborations have included: 

Alliance for the Mystic Acción Climática Juvenil, Innova Ed's (Re)School, Currently, Eco-Exploratorio, Impacto Juventud, Simposio Co-Creando (NSF, UPR-M, and Instituto para Desarollo de las Comunitarias), RISE Network-PR, El Pueblo Unido Program, ResilientSEE, Resilience By Design Lab, Royal Roads University (BC), US Coast Guard Academy, ACUTAS, USCG/FEMA/HHS, Echar Pa'lante, Escuela Especializada Francisco Manrique Cabrera, Escuela ARS Guayanilla, PR DE, PRITS, Operación Exito, Westchester Refugee Initiative, Students for Refugees, Golf This Spring, USCG Sector San Juan, Girls Paint Africa Green, Syria Fund, Sousa Mendes Foundation...

For examples of archived work in New York before 2018, see

Click to see a video presentation with H architects about collaboration and resilience

See the Gallery of Images below to get a glimpse of DE4R in action:

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