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Design Ed 4 Resilience is proud to present the students' story of why and how they are transforming education in Puerto Rico from the inside out--for themselves and for the future.  Watch, learn, join in...and Pass. It. On.

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Forward Together

Using Design Thinking to Empower Youth and Communities for Recovery and Resilience 

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Transforming teaching & learning

We are helping preK-16 educators and students to innovate convergent solutions across disciplines and build leadership, equity, entrepreneurship, and climate change resilient communities.


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Telling the story

We have teamed up with Docutribe and local filmmakers to support student storytelling.  "Command Z Student Productions" was born. They create the story, and do all of the steps of filmmaking.

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Our History in Puerto Rico

Two weeks after Maria, the American Superintendents' Association sent me to sit with the PR Dept. of Education, saying, "we don't know what they need exactly, but we know you'll be able to make yourself useful."


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in case of climate change...

We learned that many people who lived through Maria are likely to deny that "something that bad" will happen again, or just not think about it at all.  We team up with Puerto Rican scientists, educators, and community leaders to create efficacy-building climate change intervention and readiness programs


Resilient communities

We are helping communities to create learning spaces and programs to innovate integrated solutions across sectors and generations to build leadership, equity, entrepreneurship, climate change innovation and resilience.



convergence & collaboration

We are proud to be bridge-builders and creators of sustainable relationships.  We look for ways to support and connect projects and initiatives to clarify vision and create capacity to achieve it.


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