Design Thinking for Empowered Youth & Communities



  Students from Bayamón tell their story about why it works.  

What if young people... 
 found meaningful, healing purpose,
and connected with nature and other people to create a more equitable and sustainable world? What if that happened in school?

Tools for Schools

Education is the most powerful lever we can pull to co-empower and create the future 

Resilient Communities

Tools and strategies for uniting with schools to boost Connectedness and construct Resilience

Designing Your Life

Tools and strategies for designing your life based on your strengths and values. 

Started Summer 2020

Simposio CoCreando

Teamed up with 10 multi-generational community teams, students from UPR-Mayagüez, and scientists to co-design and implement solutions to enhance community wellness.  Bridging 'designed FOR' to 'designed BY.'

2020-2021 +

US Coast Guard Academy & City of Groton

Connecting with professors and community leadership and advising senior Civil Engineering capstone, working on Riverwalk proposal with neighboring community

2021-2024 +

Youth Climate Resilience Designers

Teamed up with three schools, three universities, four professors, community leaders, a host of students and an engineer, we are looking at whether decolonial design thinking can add process tools to community power to drive change and add to well-being.

"I feel like I could land in any challenging situation and work with others to figure it out."         
-Kurt, 2015

Join The Movement!  


Design Education and Lifelong learning for Co-powered resilience


Find your path: add purpose and meaning to your life

Learn design thinking: complex problem solving that is people centered, equity-minded and liberating

join youth moving to Co-empower through efficacy and resilience--together

learn how to CO-Create the world we want to live in

"The best thing about working with young people is that they haven't been trained to think inside the box. Anything is possible. That's what innovation for the future needs."

                                                 --Craig Covil, ARUP

Some of our collaborations have included:   Impacto Juventud, Simposio Co-Creando (NSF, UPR-M, and Instituto para Desarollo de las Comunitarias), RISE Network-PR, El Pueblo Unido Program, ResilientSEE, US Coast Guard Academy, ACUTAS, FEMA/HHS, Echar Pa'lante, Escuela Especializada Francisco Manrique Cabrera, PR DE, PRITS, Operación Exito, Westchester Refugee Initiative, Students for Refugees, Golf This Spring, USCG Sector San Juan, Girls Paint Africa Green, Syria Fund, Sousa Mendes Foundation...

For examples of archived work in New York before 2018, see


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