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  Design Thinking for Stronger Citizens & Communities

  Students from Bayamón tell their story about why it works.  

Forward Together! 

Your tax-deductible donation helps facilitate recovery and resilience in Puerto Rico through youth engagement, education transformation and community-based climate innovations.

What if we could... 
empower young people and the systems they inhabit to heal from disasters, to innovate climate solutions, and to create more equitable, sustainable, enterprising and resilient communities? 
"I feel like I could land in any challenging situation and work with others to figure it out."         
-Kurt, 2015
Young citizens with the tools and mindsets to solve difficult global and community problems, as well as to thrive in this challenging and transformative era.

Get Involved!  


Learn design thinking: complex problem solving that is convergent, inclusive, and people centered

join youth to build efficacy and resilience together

Challenge your assumptions & Disrupt the status quo

Design Education and Lifelong learning for resilience

"The best thing about working with young people is that they haven't been trained to think inside the box. Anything is possible. That's what innovation for the future needs."

                                                             --Craig Covil, ARUP

Some of our collaborations include:   RISE PR, El Pueblo Unido Program, ResilientSEE, US Coast Guard Academy, ACUTAS, Seriously Creative, FEMA/HHS, Echar Pa'lante, Girl Scouts of the Caribbean, Escuela Especializada Francisco Manrique Cabrera, PR DE, PRITS, Westchester Refugee Initiative, Students for Refugees, Golf This Spring, USCG Sector San Juan, Girls Paint Africa Green, Syria Fund, Sousa Mendes Foundation...

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